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Implementing AI

"Prime" your Team to Win

Here are 20 reasons is the solution for practical implementation of AI in BD departments:


For CEOs and Executives:

-Gain a strategic edge in implementing AI in our business model
-Understand how AI can be a game changer in our industry
-Make informed decisions about AI investments and innovations
-Stay ahead of the curve in adopting cutting edge technologies


For Business Development & Sales Executives:

-Stay relevant in my field by understanding and using AI in BD
-Improve the quality and competitiveness of our proposals with AI insights
-Explore how AI will shape the future of my career in BD
-Find innovative ways to apply AI in problem-solving and BD strategy


For BD Specialists (Managers, Writers, Coordinators):

-Need to adopt AI in our BD practices
-Need to know how AI can improve the quality of our proposals
-Concerned about how AI advancements will affect my career in BD
-Want innovative solutions combining AI with human creativity in BD


For Creative Specialists (Designers, Publishers):

-Understand how AI can be applied in creative processes in BD
-Need to adapt to AI-driven tools in graphic design and publishing
-Want to innovate, using AI-generated visuals


For General Readers Interested in AI and BD:

-Need to demystify the complexities of AI
-Want practical examples of AI application in business development
-Understand how AI can streamline business processes
-Need a guide to incorporate AI into our business strategies effectively
-Need to keep up with the latest trends in AI and how they apply to BD

Real Testimonial:

"The Primer is the perfect thought leader for a proposal shop's AI strategy. Following critical change management best practices, it educates the BD professional on how AI is affecting the proposal profession and more importantly, how to leverage it to not get left behind. The storytelling metaphor elevated the text in a way that managed to make a potentially dry topic quite captivating."

Carrie Jordan
Director of Proposals serving Microsoft's Proposal Center of Excellence

"Shipley's PRIMER book offers a compelling exploration of the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). The strength of Shipley's work lies in its clear and concise discussion of what AI can accomplish and how it can be effectively used in business development (BD). One notable feature is the inclusion of several examples of potential templates, offering practical guidance for effectively integrating AI into existing BD processes. The Wrap-ups at the end of each section are a highlight, offering clear takeaways and thought-provoking questions for consideration. Particularly commendable are the "Questions for Your Organization," serving as excellent conversation starters with decision-level managers. Additionally, "Questions for You" challenges readers to delve deeper into the application and acceptance of AI on an individual level, fostering a reflective approach to AI integration. Appendices are sometimes an afterthought or a way of throwing in information that may or may not be beneficial. Not so with this book. The appendices include a comprehensive glossary of key words and concepts, facilitating quick reference for professionals navigating this complex field. Additionally, the inclusion of prompt examples for each skillset provide an excellent resource for those new to using AI in business development. Shipley's book stands out as a comprehensive and practical guide, empowering professionals to harness the full potential of AI within the realm of business development."

Proposal Manager
A leading training firm for the DoD and other Govt. agencies

“Shipley's PRIMER book offers a compelling exploration of the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within the realm of business development (BD), providing a valuable resource for professionals seeking to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape. In this succinct yet informative guide, Shipley demystifies the hype surrounding BD and AI integration, delivering a book that is not only accessible and easy to read, but is also immensely practical. One notable feature is the inclusion of several examples of potential templates, offering practical guidance for effectively integrating AI into existing BD processes."

Keith Wadley
Proposal Manager
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About the Author

As Shipley's Vice President of Innovation, Marty Humm is at the forefront of applying next-generation techniques in BD for this new era of Cloud, virtual collaboration, and now generative AI. In supporting Microsoft's worldwide Proposal Center of Excellence since 2020, he uses AI daily to accelerate and enhance proposal development. Marty is also developing his own GPTs and virtual agents that leverage Shipley best practices to ensure very high quality output with generative AI. This builds on his 14 years supporting top proposal centers, such as at CACI, where sophisticated integration of tools, knowledge, and process provide real advantages that win more business. Over $6 billion of business in fact, through over 200 proposal efforts during that time. His mission "to empower BD professionals to achieve more" means both providing transformative insights and practical solutions that enhance everyday BD tasks and advocating an ethical, balanced, and values-driven future in the profession.